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Ad Blocker - Stop pop-up windows, block ad sites, remove banners, image ads and flash ads.

Ad Blocker - FAQs

Q: What is Ad Blocker?
A: Ad Blocker is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-ad software product that can remove annoying ads without human intervention. This surfing companion features a smart engine that can identify possible ads and remove them even before you can see them.

Q: What's the different between other ad remove software?
A: This surfing companion offers several levels of sensitivity, allowing you to adjust the adjust the blocking options for popups.
Unlike some other pop-up killer programs, Ad Blocker not only closes the pop-up windows, but also blocks ad sites and removes banner, image ads and flash ads!

Q: Some pop-up windows are closed before I can see them, and some pop-up windows are closed after I can see them. How come?
A: We use two methods to ensure the closing of most pop-up windows. If the first method fails to block the pop-up window before you see them, then the second method closes it after it appears.

Q: Is Ad Blocker an IE plug-in?
A: No. Having too many IE plugins can create conflicts, making IE unstable. Therefore, we designed Ad Blocker as a separate executable file.
Ad Blocker does not use the hook or BHO tech. It monitors IE events externally. We call it "Sink Event with IE", and it is safe and stable.

Q: Does Ad Blocker block ad cookies?
A: Yes. If the "Kill ad URLs and ad sites" option is checked, then Ad Blocker will block the ad sites' cookies.

Q: When I start Ad Blocker, it shows message 'Connect failed, there has some crashed IExplorer threads. Please restart system and try again.', How come?
A: One or more IE windows have crashed. You need to restart your system and try again. If it still appears after you reboot, I suggest you to re-install Internet Explorer.

Q: Ad Blocker made a mistake, it close one IE window that is not ad. How come?
A: The Ad Blocker intellect is good but it has not yet reached the power of human intellect. So it can make mistakes. Please find the site url in logs and double click it to add to exception URLs. Ad Blocker will not close it again.

Q: How to disable Ad Blocker?
A: Method 1: Press the CTRL key or the CTRL+SHIFT keys combination to temporarily disable Ad Blocker. Method 2: Right-click the System Tray Icon, select the "set sensitivity" menu item, then select the "None (Disable)" sub-menu item.

Q: Will Ad Blocker work on Netscape or Opera?
A: Not yet.

Q: I have more questions - who should I write to?
A: Please send your additional questions to

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